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REALTORS® should be in the business to help you market and sell your home for its full market value. The financial and emotional investment you've made in your home should be a primary concern. When working to sell your home, I will be committed to:

● Listening to your needs. I will listen fully to your needs to assist you in realizing the best value for your home. Your needs should become a key priority.

● Bring You the Facts. One of my most important tasks is to accurately determine the market value of your house. I have access to the latest information on sale prices and trends in the London area and will provide the knowledge, the date, and the recent trends, to help you make an accurate decision.

● Help Showcase Your Home. I will help you through all stages of the process outlined earlier to bring your home up to full marketable value. I have the experience to be able to advise you on what renovations, if any, need to be made, and how you can best showcase your home for the maximum return. Sometimes a professional "Home Stager" should be called.

● Communication. One of the key parts of my relationship with you will be communication to you on all market activity, advertising, showings, inquiries, feedback from other REALTORS®, and any recent trends or comparable home sales that might have taken place in your area. Feedback will help keep your plans on track to ensure you have the full facts at our fingertips at any time new decisions have to be made.

● Deal With the Offer. The critical phase of the sale comes at the time of the offer presentation from the buyer. I possess solid negotiating skills in dealing with all the intricate parts of the offer process.

What REALTORS® Need From You To Ensure They Can Give You The Best Service

Selling a house successfully requires a partnership between Seller and REALTOR®. They will be handling much of the process without needing to be directly in touch with you. However, they need your cooperation in a number of key areas in order to realize the best value the market can provide. They are:

Showcase Your Home
The most important role you can play is to get your house up to marketable value by following the steps outlined as quickly as you possibly can. Much of the early activity will take place in the first 2 to 3 weeks your property is on the market. Experience has shown "you never get a second chance to make a first impression". The REALTORS® who come to see your house at the time of the agent open house, or when they bring their first buyers, will be making their impressions of your house that may last over several buyers who are looking for property with the specifications of your home. The most important commitment you can give is to showcase your home to the best of your ability and time .

Provide Easy Access by Installing a Lock Box
Professional real estate agents, who are quite likely to bring you the serious buyers you need to sell your home, will not be able to show your home easily if access is not readily available. They are very busy and frequently do not have the opportunity to hunt down keys when setting up appointments for showing a number of homes to a buyer. The best way to ensure your house is always available for showing is to install a lock box. With a lock box, you will never lose a showing because a buyer couldn't wait while the selling agent tried to find the key. Appointments are made ahead of time. (no surprises!)

Make your Property Always Available for Showing
Buyers are frequently moving to your area from another location entirely. They often cannot afford the time to "come back later" once they set up a schedule with their REALTOR®. Every showing you get is a possible sale in the making. It takes a determined buyer to come back once they have been turned down for a showing. Many buyers simply do not come back. Your property should be available for showings at all reasonably requested times.

Arrange to Leave the House During all Showings
Buyers want to try a house out for size when they come to view it. They need to be able to do that on their own, with the REALTOR® they are working with. They might feel uncomfortable voicing their personal opinion with you there which can result in a lost sale. It is always essential that you vacate your home at the time of the showing.

Notify Your REALTOR® When You Leave the House
If you are planning to be away for more than 2 days, it is important that you notify your REALTOR® and provide them with a forwarding phone, E-mail and/or fax number. All too often that is the time you receive a offer.

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