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In order for REALTORS® to give you great service they need a commitment from you to work together in a partnership. REALTORS® do a lot of the legwork, so they need you to be there at all of those times when your decisions are crucial. Here's how you can help your REALTOR® give you the best service in the purchase of your home:

► Make sure you have the right REALTOR®
I cannot stress enough the importance of finding a REALTOR® you feel fully comfortable with, and can build a relationship of trust throughout the process. If you are going to have someone guide you through the process, it should be someone you can fully believe in.

► Work exclusively with your REALTOR®
They have access to all the listings in the area in which you are looking. It is unproductive to have 2 or 3 REALTORS®searching the same ground for your next home.

► When you see a home you like . . .
. . . on a sign, on the Web, or in a newspaper ad, write down the listing company's name and number, and the street address of the property, and phone/e-mail your REALTOR®as soon as you can. They will immediately get all the information so that you can decide whether or not you would like to see this property.

► Try to set up your showings at least 3 days in advance
Usually REALTORS® will put a group of 3 to 5 properties together for you to see at one agreed date. It takes time to contact the listing agent for each property and for word to come back from the Sellers that the timing is convenient. Trying to set this up at the last minute frequently means 1 or 2 of the showings cannot be booked. Much too often these turn out to be the ones you wanted to see the most!

► Never discuss a property with the listing agent or seller
The seller in the negotiating process (See Agency Relationships) could use anything you say. Many a sale has been lost because of an unwitting remark by one of the parties before the deal was signed.

► Let your REALTOR® know right away if you have any concerns or changes of plan
Keep your thoughts about the process open to them. If you talk with them about your concerns or disappointments, they can help solve the problems one by one.

► Always keep the lines open
Both before and after the agreement of purchase and sale (offer) has been signed, and the agreement is in place, there will be times when they will have to get in touch with you urgently. Your prompt return of calls will help them continue to work in your best interests.

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